Software Architecture & Technical Design | Tech Planning & Code Audit

Architecture & Technical Design


Architecture is fundamental to the technical quality, performance, scalability, and security of your software solution – making the right choices can shorten development time and dramatically reduce costs.
Using our Software Architecture Design expertise you will gain the benefits of reduced cost and enhanced quality. Our experts use Final Search’s library of proven and pre-qualified architecture elements and principles to avoid re-inventing from scratch and accelerate your development process.


  • Businesses with legacy systems which need to migrate without losses, and are deliberating on which technologies and platforms to use, and hot to use it

  • Teams hiring senior level technical specialists, which need to assess their expertise

  • Companies in need of building or scaling their operating solution without loss of productivity and quality

  • Project teams requiring preliminary project estimation and technical risk assessment

WITH Architecture & Technical Design YOU GET:

Reduced development costs

Through the systematic reuse of common functionalities and system configurations yielding shorter time-to-market

Faster project set up time

To speed development

Reduced initial investments

Of time and cash

Risk Mitigation

Through the use of proven and pre-qualified architectural elements. We also assess initial technical project risks using our Proprietary Software Development Optimisation tool

Continuous Technical Supervision

As ongoing support of your project or team, Tech Supervision includes development, coding and engineering practices consulting, plus training of your tech employees

Technical interviewing and testing of candidates

For your development team. Assessment of candidates for the top-level technical position according to your requirements

Architecture development and audit

Team composition, continuous integration and other best practices monitored for your solution

Tech Planning & Consulting

For your project. Architecture support makes it easier to find potential problems and to find opportunities for innovation. Experts in your field will consult you regarding technologies, platforms, stacks and development strategy for your product

Code Review and Technical Audit

To assess current level of engineering quality of your solution. You will get best practices, gaps fixed and suggestions for improvements


  • Our Service Delivery Managers provide you top-level software architecture experts depending on your needs - to interview the senior level tech specialists, to develop the system architecture or to engage the full-time software architect for ongoing support of your project or team

  • You choose the pricing model according to your needs - price or time & material - while our Service Delivery Managers will support you in all your requirements

  • You gain access to Final Search’s library of architecture design accelerators - proven functionalities and configurations accumulated over 14 years of software development projects. The result is your scalable and flawless solution

Cut the development costs with design accelerators

Reduce My Design Expenses

How Architecture & Technical Design worked for A BIG4 

  • Revised and improved the architecture of the solution to make it scalable and faster in performance;
  • Added possibility of connecting to external devices via Bluetooth for pulse and saturation measurement;
  • Reached stable delivery of new features, which was critical for medicine application with a big number of daily users