DevOps Implementation & Consulting



DevOps brings development and operations staff together to manage an end-to-end view of an application or IT service and resolve issues during development, rather than during business operation.

The DevOps approach complements agile development and operations for organisations with frequent releases and limited delivery channels. With Final Search’s DevOps service you can increase your delivery capacity up to 7 times, cut time-to-market and costs, while improving application quality.


  • IT service and application providers with frequent releases but limited delivery capabilities

  • Companies that need to improve collaboration between development and operations groups as well as other IT stakeholders such as architecture and information security

  • Companies who have adopted Agile development and operations and wish to harvest maximum benefit by coordinating these approaches

  • Firms providing mission-critical IT Services, and those involved with Mobile Apps, Big Data/Business Intelligence, E-commerce and the Internet of Things


A dedicated team

of Final Search professional DevOps experts who will bridge the gap between operations and development organisations

Faster innovation

improved time to production, IT cost savings, better deployment quality, and higher operational efficiency

Up to 7 times increased delivery capacity

using DevOps service

The means to accelerate IT

enablement of business change; to go faster while improving quality

Reduced time-to-market

for your new products and services, through the adoption of continuous improvement and incremental release principles adopted from agile methodologies

The tools to measure application performance

team efficiency and production bottlenecks, and create continuous real-time feedback on build quality and status


  • Final Search creates a dedicated team of highly-qualified professional DevOps experts to bridge the gap between development and operations organisations

  • Your DevOps team will manage an end-to-end view of your application or IT service

  • The DevOps team will focus on improving business outcomes, such as cutting time-to-market for new products and services, while also reducing risks and costs

  • Your DevOps team will show you how to increase your delivery capacity up to 7 times. The team will deploy tools that measure application performance, team efficiency and production bottlenecks, and provide continuous real-time data on build quality and status.

Increase the delivery capacity with devops

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How DevOps worked for NEC Technology:

  • Set up and configured JIRA with ramp up project manager support. JIRA was migrated to Final Search’s own cloud to increase connectivity, application availability, scalability, operation flexibility and resilience.
  • Delivered up-to-date platform sustainability with secure, scalable and up-to-date business applications.
  • As a result FGE clients obtained fast and reliable tool to perform regular business operations and control overall development process performance.