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There are now more than 1 million apps available in app stores, but mobile users tend to rely on only 26 or 27 apps. Final Search’s team of professional UI and UX designers make sure your application icon isn’t lost among thousands of others.

UX design is about much more than just giving people a product that works without bugs – it’s about productive, engaging and meaningful experiences that users will return to again and again.


  • Businesses who want to create an excellent first user impression of their product

  • Companies who rely on their UX to stimulate sales growth

  • Companies developing a prototype, proof-of-concept or minimum viable product

  • Firms with low conversion rates that wish to find ways to boost their app sales


A professional team of UX/UI designers

providing continuous expertise from the initial UX workshop through to post-release support. The team will take into account users’ needs at every stage of the product lifecycle

Improved Conversion Rate

as a better user experience translates into a higher rate of users converted into customers

Improved customer experience

associated with a website or application as we follow human-centered design philosophy that focuses on three key areas: Users, Business and Technology. The solutions we recommend are desirable, feasible, and viable

Higher customer satisfaction

because Final Search’s experts develop non-generic designs, interfaces and process flows, tailored to your unique audience for your specific product

Rapid Prototyping

as iterative development of mockups, wireframes and prototypes allows you to polish your user experience without impacting product development deadlines

Lower shopping cart abandonment rate

by optimizing the checkout


  • Your UI/UX team delivers pre-qualified UI structures, accelerating design and cutting your costs, eliminating the need to re-invent from scratch

  • The UX team create 'personas' - user archetypes compiled through interviews with stakeholders - to map out the system and align it with customers’ needs

  • With each new design iteration you get a significant improvement based on continuous measurement and analysis of the project alongside your business objectives

Start enriching your user Experience today

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How UX and UI Design worked for Mobikwik:

  • Two-day workshop together with Brokd founders, where the details of the types of users and flows in the system were mapped out
  • Developed a user journey – a map with a sequence of actions that each persona performs while interacting with the product
  • Produced and delivered some 30 screens covering all the states and interactions in the system for every kind of user