Omni-Channel Solutions


Mobile phones and tablets are the key to a successful omnichannel retail strategy. Consumers want to buy anytime and any where, and they want a seamless shopping experience.
Final Search’s omnichannel solutions help you engage your customers at any point in their shopping journey, and wherever they are located – at home or office, travelling, or at a restaurant.


  • B2B and B2C retail and service companies who wish to streamline shoppers` interactions with their brands

  • Firms that plan to go beyond bricks-and-mortar selling and develop a mobile application from scratch

  • Firms that require to establish or maintain positive brand awareness through multiple channels

  • Brands that want to give their customers a consistent shopping experience

  • Sellers that need to update their existing applications or implement additional functionality

engage your customers
at any point of the shopping journey

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WITH Omnichannel Solutions YOU GET:

Up to 20% increase in your online sales per year

as you can reach your consumers wherever they are, and your products or services are available around-the-clock

Satisfied customers

Your customers expect consistency whether they buy a product or service online or in a bricks-and-mortar store, or both. Our mobile solutions deliver consistent user experience

A team of highly-qualified professionals

including cross-platform developers experienced in mobile development for the efficient development of your software product

Tailored mobile solutions that hit your target audiences

We deliver holistic solutions that are tailored specifically to your strategy and your business goals

Problem – solving approach

You focus on your business goals. We focus on the obstacles that emerge at each step as your business grows

Business project management

We manage the business outcome not the development time. With agile methods, you adjust project requirements at any development stage. This ensures that you get a mobile solution corresponding to market demands

Effective mobile application development

We develop only high-quality mobile applications that create a positive perception of your brand. To improve your omnichannel presence, we develop both native and cross-platform mobile applications

A mobile application with a responsive design

Optimal viewing for screens of all sizes from smartphone to PC. Easy reading and convenient navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling – a fully responsive mobile design

User experience (UX) design

Our UX wireframes development individualises your mobile application. The Final Search team starts your project with a blueprint of customer-user interaction mapping out the user journey for a completely tailored mobile solution


  • Initial requirements elicitation takes 2-3 days. We clarify your needs, list requirements and provide preliminary estimation

  • Workshop session and specification take 2 weeks. Offered in case no clear requirements provided. As a result, you receive a software requirements specification

  • Development stage with version control in GIT, progress control with Atlassian Jira, weekly status reporting and your active involvement in process

  • Post-production support. In case needed, additional development of features, as well as technical and business consultations