Managed IT, Support and Software Maintenance Services

Managed services

Improve the performance of your software product and increase customer loyalty


What is it?

Support, QA, DevOps or Software Maintenance – Managed Services model is right for you whether you need to free up your team’s time or you need to scale up without internal resources. Our technical expertise adds to your capacity while reducing costs.

You need

this when

  • You have limited in-house IT capabilities, and you need to obtain IT expertise
  • Facing budget pressure and hiring limitations, and need to supplement your in-house IT staff
  • You require predictable customer or tech support costs to prevent IT problems and avoid disrupting business operations


you get:

Up to a 50% cost reduction

Predictable IT costs

Reduced risk

Proactive support

Trained IT staff

Increased customer loyalty


WORKED FOR Telecom Giant

  • DevOps as a Managed Service reduced time spent on the introduction of new functionality, and added support for centralized user management and monitoring system
  • Reduced the time necessary for investigation of critical issues on the production environment, and implemented Safety Policy
  • The Managed Service provided more visibility of the production system functionality to developers

Managed Service Packages:

Support center

  • We provide world-class customer and technical support on your behalf
  • Build trust and customer loyalty

Supervised QA

  • We support your internal QA efforts or provide turnkey QA solutions
  • Deliver a better, more competitive software product

Managed product

  • We support and maintain the software product to guarantee seamless performance
  • Positive user experience and more recommendations for your company


QA experts for quality support


DevOps Engineers


week to start managing a service


clients use service to free up team


it works

  • Get a quote for a service you need to manage and select the type and level of support needed
  • The support team manages your service or software maintenance tasks, contributing directly to the success of your business
  • We adjust all services to fit your needs. Services are covered under a fixed monthly cost